“This conference is a great opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to come together and turn good ideas into economically viable programs that can improve our world.”
– President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

“California has become a real global leader in clean energy business, technology and policy innovation. That is one reason this conference continues to grow, by bringing together key players from all those arenas — they know this is where huge swaths of the clean energy future are being invented right now.”
– Steve Corneli, SVP Sustainability, Policy & Strategy, NRG Energy

“NRDC is a proud participant of Navigating the American Carbon World, an event that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders and delivers in-depth and comprehensive discussions of the most pressing environmental issue in California and the world. As a participant of NACW for many years, I highly recommend this event to those who want to hear fresh perspectives and develop solutions to meeting our shared climate goals.”
– Peter Miller, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council

“This is the best conference to attend if you are involved in the sustainability markets. Every NACW conference I’ve attended has been profitable for Perry Johnson Registrars Carbon Emissions Services. Not only do we pick up new business but networking opportunities are all around as well as an abundance of knowledge and information about the carbon markets.”
– Debbye Parker, Manager, North America, Perry Johnson Registrars Carbon Emissions Services

“Informative. Inspiring. Thought provoking. The NACW conference presents timely information on a broad array of topics from state, national and international climate change leaders across all sectors. It is THE place to go for information on the real work being done toward integrated climate change solutions. Well done!”
– Lisa Gonzales-Kramer, Environmental Scientist, California State Parks

NACW 2014 post-conference survey results

100% of delegates rated the conference on par with or exceeding expectations
(30% exceed, 70% on par)

81.81% said the networking opportunities were very good or excellent

81.82% said the keynote and plenary speakers were very good or excellent

90.91% cited networking opportunities as one of the main reasons to attend

54.55% cited plenary and breakout session topics as one of the main reasons to attend