Brian Rice

Portfolio Manager


Mr. Rice is a Portfolio Manager in the CalSTRS Corporate Governance Department and has been working in the governance group at CalSTRS for over 12 years. His main areas of focus are integrating sustainability considerations into investment decision-making, leading CalSTRS’ corporate governance efforts in Asia and managing the CalSTRS activist investment portfolio, a $4 billion externally managed public equity portfolio that works to improve underperforming companies. Mr. Rice’s sustainability-related duties include analyzing potential risks to the CalSTRS investment portfolio, identifying appropriate portfolio investments to engage, and developing and implementing engagement strategies. Mr. Rice is also the staff lead for the CalSTRS Green Initiative Task Force, a multi asset class team charged with identifying, implementing and reporting on environmental investment opportunities and risk management strategies. Mr. Rice received an MBA from the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in Economics-Business from U.C.L.A.