Hunter Parks

Founder and Chairman

Green Assets

Hunter is the founder and President of Green Assets. Hunter grew up in North Carolina as a member of a family that was involved in hunting, fishing, and wildlife preservation. After becoming involved in the day to day activities and management of the family lands located in Eastern North Carolina and Louisiana, Huner began to focus upon how to better serve environmental protection. Hunter formed Green Assets for the purpose of defining and implementing projects that will manage the carbon dioxide challenge. Hunter has been an active player on the carbon market, attending numerous seminars, Climate Action Reserve board meetings, and forestry workshops, including “Navigating the American Carbon World” (2010-2014); The United Nations Framework Commission on Climate Change (UNFCC 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014); The Conference of the Parties (COP 15, COP 16, COP 17, COP 18, COP 19); “Carbon Market Insights 2010” – Amsterdam; “Bridging Carbon Conference 2010” – Washington, D.C.; and “Carbon Counting Conference 2009” – Houston. Furthermore, Hunter represented Green Assets and the US Carbon Market as a featured panelist at the 2013 Carbon Expo in Barcelona, Spain.