Mason Henderson

Vice President of Environmental Asset Management

ClimeCo Corporation

Mason Henderson is Vice President of Environmental Asset Management. Mr. Henderson manages ClimeCo Corporation’s hedge fund and brokerage arms from the Houston office, dealing in Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and regulated markets, carbon markets, renewable energy credits (RECs), as well as Federal NOx and SO2. Mason brings over 13 years of emissions expertise and 25 years of trading and brokerage experience to ClimeCo.

Prior to joining ClimeCo, Mason traded emissions credits for Element Markets, an environmental trading firm. Mason also managed CantorCO2e’s international trading under the EU ETS, CDM and JI markets; and oversaw Cantor Fitzgerald’s services under the U.S. NOx Budget Trading Program and Title IV SO2 Acid Rain Program, in addition to Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) NOx and SO2 allowances and Texas, Midwest and East Coast offset markets.

Mason began his career in the emissions markets having helped develop the emissions brokerage desk at Amerex Energy in 2001. Prior to moving to the emissions markets, Mason traded options in the “pits” in New York and London, in markets that ranged from sugar, gold and copper to short term British interest rates. Mason also sat on the Board of Directors of the Environmental Markets Association (EMA). Mason graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.